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I have a WPF project with some styles in XAML in Application.Resources. This works perfectly fine. But when I open a window from this project from another one (this one is a console application), the resources from XAML aren't loaded. When I first tried it, I got a XamlParseException on StaticResource calls in XAML, so I changed it to DynamicResource and now the style just doesn't get loaded. How do I fix this?

The code I use:

static void Main()
    App app = new App();
    MyWindow wnd = new MyWindow ();
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You should call the Run method that takes a Window parameter. In your current code, you're creating and showing the window before running the app, which means the application resources aren't loaded yet.


App app = new App();
MyWindow wnd = new MyWindow();
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That makes sense, thanks. –  svick May 24 '10 at 11:39

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