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Is there a way to calculate a time stamp for the next coming up of a week day?

So for instance, with friday, i'd like to be able to run some code that calculates that from today Wednesday 19/05/10, the next friday will be 21/05/10 and get a time stamp from it.

I know the date command can parse a given string date according to a format, but I can't figure out how to calculate "next friday from today"

Any idea?

Cheers Ben

EDIT: I'm on a mac

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With GNU date:

date -d 'this Friday' '+%d/%m/%y'

See Relative items in date strings, part of the GNU date documentatoin. There are also examples.

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If that command is run on Sat/Sun, will it return this week date or next week date? –  DJ. May 19 '10 at 4:03
@DJ, I think it always returns today or a future day, within 7 days from the start of today. For me, it's currently Wed. the 19th, so 'this Tuesday' gives Tue. the 25th. An interesting point is that 'this Wednesday' gives the 19th, while 'next Wednesday' is the 26th. –  Matthew Flaschen May 19 '10 at 4:08
Next week date. According to the date docs, "this" is equivalent to not specifying anything, so it looks for the next Friday which occurs. –  Porges May 19 '10 at 4:14
Thanks for the tip. What's the equivalent of date -d on Mac ? (Sorry I should have mentioned that) –  Ben May 19 '10 at 4:24
I've worked it out on the mac.. date -v+Friday or date -v+Friday "+%s" for the timestamp –  Ben May 19 '10 at 4:29

Since no format was specified, it's much simpler:

date -d Fri 

'this' is assumed par default, Friday can be abbreviated. Since it is just one word - or the significant rest of it, (ask Th) it doesnt need Quotes like

 date -d "last Fri"


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Coming late into the fight.. –  Ben Apr 14 '11 at 1:52
Yes, but it was linked on the right side, when working at an actual question (about the Friday before a random date), so I thought: visit this link - most people underestimate the power of date. –  user unknown Apr 14 '11 at 1:56
Sure, i'll give you one point for your undiminishable appreciation of the power of date –  Ben Apr 14 '11 at 3:05

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