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I have place model & entry model that entry is parent
everything is fine but how can I delete the result row $categoryPlacements

in place model:
$entryModel = new Model_EntryModel();
$entryRow = $entryModel->find ( $entryId )->current ();
$categoryPlacements = $entryRow->findDependentRowset($this);

in this case i want to delete the $categoryPlacements result in place model
I can use categoryPlacements->toarray() and then delete but is another easy way?

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Foering Keys at the database could solve this issue.

$categoryPlacements = $entryRow->findDependentRowset($this);
foreach ($categoryPlacements as $placement){
    $where = $db->getAdapter()->quoteInto('id = ?',$placement->id);

Sorry if this is not what you need, regard´s.

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