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How and with what software do major television companies display on-screen graphics during their programs?

For example:

On ESPN, how do they produce the news ticker on the bottom (both graphically and from a source code point of view), create and display the scores of sports, and update and show selected stats on the fly?

I've looked everywhere I can think of to find the answer, but I am at a loss. That's where you guys (and girls) come in. I hope you can help shed some light on this subject for me. Thanks in advance.

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You should invest some time on your search habits too, I guess :)

http://www.videodesignsoftware.com/products/newsticker.php http://www.masternewmedia.org/video_internet_television/webcam-enhancer-utilities/webcam-video-mixer-overlay-camtwist-review-20070618.htm


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