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How do I insert a subscript charachter in a string in C#? I have nor problems appending a superscript 2 in the same string using char.ConvertFromUtf32(178);, but I struggle with finding a similar solution for the subscripted text. Actually, I'm struggling with finding ANY solution at all to this rather embarrassing issue. :)

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Plain text doesn't have formatting, like superscript, subscript, bold, italic and/or colors. You need to use some "rich text" format.
The type of "rich text" depends on where you want to use it. Examples: HTML, RTF.

For PDF you need to look into the formatting options provided by your PDF creation library.

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There are some options for doing this in the PDF-library (Aspose), but I don't find it very intuitive to do it that way. It entails instatiating a series of text object and appending the subscript part in the relevant place. The superscript solution worked like a charm, so I had hoped there was a similar solution to this problem, but it doesn't seem like that is an option. Thank you Hans. –  Henric Edwards May 19 '10 at 7:46

The PDF creation library I'm using did not offer much. One work around I could figure out was to pick equalent ascii values from charecter map and append it to the existing string.

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