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You know, I just want to create a game with lobby, chat, rooms, registration, etc.

I've just googled it, and found only SmartFox. Seems promising, but is there any other?

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Any open source? –  Geri May 19 '10 at 11:55
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Union Platform (which includes Union Server) is available for free for up to 1000 simultaneous client connections.


union has a javascript client framework that is optimized for iphone: http://www.unionplatform.com/?page_id=1587

and you can write your server-side logic in js too: http://www.unionplatform.com/?page_id=2615

union also has a flash client framework: http://www.unionplatform.com/?page_id=7

hope that helps! (full disclosure: i am the co-founder of union.)


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