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i hv an array

parsed from xml which looks like this

de> <0>Merkel <1>AppleIphone <2>Sag ich nicht <3> <4>ICQ Service <5>Sozialamt <6>Liebesengel <7>Hartz 4

i am able to set this list into table view's cell,

but the problem is i am not able to break each entry for each cell..evrything is coming up in a ssingle row, how can i get each entry in each row?

regards shishir

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If your array is setup correctly (for each index a different string), you should be easily be able to display each string in a cell by doing this:

In your default tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath delegate method

set your cell.textLabel.text = [yourArray objectAtIndexPath:[indexPath.row]];

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