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I am using Fortran 90. I have defined a Fortran module in fileA.f as:

module getArr
   double precision a(100)
end module getArr

The same fileA.f contains a subroutine that uses this module:

subroutine my_sub
   use getArr
   implicit none

   a(1) = 10.5

end subroutine

In fileB.f, I have a Fortran function. I am trying to access the value of a(1) as:

double precision function my_func(R)
  use getArr
  double precision x
  x = a(1)


But I am getting errors at the compile time. It says it is unable to access the module getArr. Is this something to do with the use of a module within a function as opposed to within a subroutine? How should I declare my function?

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T.E.D. is correct about the syntax -- "getArr%" is not part of the name of the array "a". That notation is used for a user-derived type.

Another aspect that is outside the language standard -- compiling the source code: With most compilers, you need to compile your files in order, placing the source-code file that contains a module before any separate file that uses it. The compiler has to "know" about a module before it can use it.

Also, do you have a main program in your example?

If it still doesn't work, please show us the exact error message.

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@M.S.B. you were correct about the order in which files are compiled. That resolved the probelm thanks! – cppb May 19 '10 at 15:02
@M.S.B.: in subroutine my_sub, it is not writing the value for a(1). Is thare any obvious mistake i am doing? – cppb May 19 '10 at 15:11
At least in the code you show, there isn't a write statement. Try "write (*, *) a(1)". – M. S. B. May 19 '10 at 15:24

It looks like you are trying to use getArr% as some kind of module specifier. Are you sure that's right? I'm not an f90 expert, but my compiler doesn't seem to support anything like that. Once you do a use all the stuff in that module is available locally just like you declared it in your subroutine.

Try removing that getArr% and see what happens.

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sorry, it was a mistake. If one defines a "type" block within the module, then % can be used for the variables withing that type block. Even when I remove that (correction done in the code above) , it gives the same error. Is there something to with use of a module within a "function"? – cppb May 19 '10 at 14:45

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