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Do you know if toFixed is a localized function?

I mean, will this:

var n = 100.67287;

show "100.67" on english US OS/browsers and "100,67" (with comma) on Italian OS/browsers? (Italian or any other local system that uses comma as decimal separator).


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Take a look at Number.toLocaleString(). –  Alex K. May 19 '10 at 13:24

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No, this will always return a point. The ECMA 262-spec [] states it should be a point.

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No sadly, there is no real solution in pure jQuery/JavaScript. You'll need Globalize. The problem is that both toFixed() and toLocaleString() take a number and return a string. So you can never use them together. :( If you call foo.toFixed(2).toLocaleString() you won't get the localization (i.e. '1.234' in en should be '1,234' in fr) because its working on the result of toFixed() which is a string, not a number. :(

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