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I am fairly new to symfony and I have 2 fields relating to my table "Pages"; created_by and updated_by. These are related to the users table (sfGuardUser) as foreign keys. I want these to be hidden from the edit/new forms so I have set up the generator.yml file to not display these fields:

    General: [name, template_id]
    Meta: [meta_title, meta_description, meta_keywords]

Now I need to set the fields on the save. I have been searching for how to do this all day and tried a hundred methods. The method I have got working is this, in the actions class:

protected function processForm(sfWebRequest $request, sfForm $form)
    $form_params = $request->getParameter($form->getName());
    $form_params['updated_by'] = $this->getUser()->getGuardUser()->getId();
    if ($form->getObject()->isNew()) $form_params['created_by'] = $this->getUser()->getGuardUser()->getId();

    $form->bind($form_params, $request->getFiles($form->getName()));

So this works. But I get the feeling that ideally I shouldnt be modifying the web request, but instead modifying the form/object directly. However I havent had any success with things like:


If anyone could offer any advice on the best ways about solving this type of problem I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Tom

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After processing and saving the form you could set those fields on the object and re-save:

protected function processForm(sfWebRequest $request, sfForm $form)

  if ($form->isValid())
    $page = $form->save();
    $user = $this->getUser()->getGuardUser();
    if (empty($page->created_by))


    $this->getUser()->setFlash('notice', 'Successfully saved page.');

There's also a Doctrine extension called Blameable that automatically sets edited_by and created_by fields on specified models. The Doctrine website is undergoing some reorganization but here is the cached page for the extension.

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Blameable is exactly what I need, thanks a million - and including the cached page too - legend. Incidentally though, your solution wouldnt quite have worked for me since the created_by/updated_by fields are foreign keys and $form->save() wont let the null values through. –  Tom May 20 '10 at 15:45
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To process your form create a new object, set the fields then save.

$article = new Article();
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Hi Jon, Thanks for your answer! However this doesnt look like its using any of the sf core functionality. $form->bind() should (and does) automatically handle all of the submitted fields. $form is already related to the object (Article in your example) by $form->getObject() (right?) so that should make the last line in my post valid...? But it isnt!! –  Tom May 19 '10 at 14:59
That's true, to be honest, I have only recently moved to Symfony 1.3 from 1.0 and so I may be doing things the old way. –  Jon Winstanley May 19 '10 at 16:08
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What you want to do is customize your form and unset the 'created_at' and 'updated_at' pieces of the form in configure

class SampleForm extends BaseSampleForm
  public function configure()

Then they won't show up in the form and will get the values setup by the "Timestampable" behavior before being saved


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