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What exactly would be the best way to go about using a cron task to send daily e-mails of updates to all users on my network? The e-mail would be made up of different information from multiple models.

I want to do something like "1 new friend requests : name ..." from the request model and user model and "There are 3 upcoming events from your friends: event name hosted by name..." from the event and user model.

I realize this is a common task but I didn't see much information on it, so any general tips about doing something like this would be greatly appreciated!

Side note: I will be using the Heroku daily cron plug-in to accomplish this if that matters (although I don't think it should).

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I usually just write a rake task and add it to CRON.

The rake task will look like this:

namespace :notifications do
  desc "Sends notifications"
  task :send => :environment do
    MyModel.all_users_to_notify.each do |u|

And your crontab should look like this:


30 17 * * * rake notifications:send
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I forgot => :environment, and it won't work, can you explain me why? thanks so much! –  duykhoa Nov 9 '12 at 10:51
You use the hash syntax to declare task dependencies. There's a task named :environment, which only purpose is to load the Rails environment. If you omit the => :environment dependency, your task will work outside of your Rails environment, thus booting up faster and with a lower memory footprint. This could be useful sometimes, like deleting temp files etc. –  Fábio Batista Nov 13 '12 at 18:00

If anyone else is looking for this answer, I recommend using the whenever gem for cron tasks. This will keep you from having to write a rake task, as well as giving you a nicer cron syntax:


class MyMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  def my_email


job_type :runner, "cd :path && rvm 2.0.0 do bundle exec script/rails runner -e :environment ':task' :output"

every 1.days, at: "7:00 am", roles: [:app] do
  runner "MyMailer.my_email.deliver"
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