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Here's what I'm looking to do. I have a site where I want the user to be able to leave comments on various Models. acts_as_commentable is the obvious starting point for this, but I'm curious if there is a gem / plug-in with a more robust feature-set. For example:

  • Pre-built partial(s) (w/ or w/o Twitter / FB buttons)
  • Partial(s) that utilize jQuery
  • Twitter and / or FB tunnels (push to the users twitter / FB when they comment)
  • Pre-built mechanism for pushing other users comments to users viewing that Model

I can see how some of this functionality could be app specific, however, a generic implementation seems like it would be useful.

I'm curious if something like this exists or not.

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I did find this SO post that is similar, however, it is asking more about the approach where I am looking for existing tool(s).


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I didn't find anything that meets your needs.

You could look at The Ruby Toolbox. Any useful tool shows up on the website.

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