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I am using qunit and jquery. Latest version of both.

In my code when I submit the form I have the event as e. I call


Here is my test.

equals(args.data, [ { "name": "user_name", "value": "john" } ], 'input data');

And this is the error message from qunit.

expected: [ { "name": "user_name", "value": "david" } ] result: [ { "name": "user_name", "value": "david" } ]

As you can see to the naked eye the expected and result value is same but qunit is not liking it.

I guess I am missing something.

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You may want to look at deepEqual

test('equal and deepEqual', function () {
    var a1 = [{ "name": "user_name", "value": "david" }];
    var a2 = [{ "name": "user_name", "value": "david" }];
    var b1 = [{ "name": "user_name", "value": "henry" }];
    equal(a1, a2); //should fail
    equal(a1, b1); //should fail
    deepEqual(a1, a2); //should pass
    deepEqual(a1, b1); //should fail

Further digging yielded (from the qunit.js code):

// Backwards compatibility, deprecated
QUnit.equals = QUnit.equal;
QUnit.same = QUnit.deepEqual;

I assume old on the left, new on the right.

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thanks. nice work. –  Nick Vanderbilt Jun 4 '10 at 13:45

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