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VB6 & SQL Server 2005

When i run the Windows based Software exe file, 
it is showing the login page, 
after login page - no screen is displaying, 
I checked the task manager, in task manager it is showing as software as running,
But there is no page is appearing.

Is any firewall blocking or some other issue. But software is running with out displaying anythings.

How to solve this issue?

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is this happening when you're trying to program an AI library? or run excel? –  Avitus May 19 '10 at 13:56

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I would check your code. Specifically the code that run after the login screen has unloaded. Maybe you are running a com object that does not have an interface and does not unload, for instance a dll. Or perhaps a function that runs a routine that does not terminate.

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Are you able to log into the server with the same credentials by using a different program such as SQL Server Management Studio?

If you are still unable to log into the server through a different EXE, then I would suspect a firewall blocking the port. Otherwise, the problem might be in your code.

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Perhaps your connection string has an unlimited connection timeout (value of zero), and you can't connect, but you can't timeout. Set an explicit timeout by adding to your connection string Connection Timeout=15;, run the application, and wait the 15 seconds for an error message.

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