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Currently I'm trying to make some sort of vertical auto-scrolling. This is my code

$(document).ready(function() {
var reachEnd = false;
var top = 0;
function animateMargin(){
    if(top == -720){
        reachEnd = true;
    if(reachEnd == false){
        $('#bslider').animate({'marginTop' : '-=240px'}, 500);
        top -=240;
        $('#bslider').animate({'marginTop' : '0px'}, 1000);
        top = 0;
        reachEnd = false;
marginInterval = setInterval('animateMargin()', 5000);
    clearInterval( marginInterval );
        marginInterval = setInterval('animateMargin()', 5000);

And it's not working - at all.

Any ideas?

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You seem to be passing the function callback to setInterval incorrectly. Try this instead.

setInterval( animateMargin, 5000 );
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it worked, thanks! –  Warrantica May 20 '10 at 6:55

setInterval() takes an callback function. Passing animateMargin() with (), you have passed in the result of the function call, which is the return value of the function. Instead, you should pass in the function itself as animateMargin

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