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I have a small amount of programing experience with Siemens and Allen Bradley but would like to make my own app for a certain website I frequent. I would like the website to be a little more user friendly for me instead of having to open browser etc. Is it possible to have a simple forum translated into a widget so you can see the forum posts and post from there? The website in question is http://vnboards.ign.com

Any ideas or suggestions no matter how bad are appreciated. If it isnt worth attempting or my skills may not be up to par, feel free to say so :P Dont pull any punches :) Thanks!


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what level of experience are we talking here, "a small amount" doesn't really help. It sounds like a tough project for a newbie. but as i said, a little experience doesn't really mean much. – zeocrash May 19 '10 at 16:06
No wonder you want to make a front end for that site. It's horrible in UI terms! – Earlz May 19 '10 at 16:22

It isn't worth attempting, and your skills are not up to par.

What? you said pull no punches, but let me explain a bit.

To write an "app" (I'm going to assume iPhone or android) that would be capable of easily viewing and posting to a forum that you have no access to the back-end or any api available is well, tough.

Screen scraping and url post re-writing are some options, but not a dive-in point for a skillset of "Siemens and Allen Bradley", more of a javascript or objective-c or .net experience would be a better fit.

I would stick with being grateful for the amazing lives we have to be carrying around something where you can just "open the browser" as an option.

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+1 despite the harsh answer, and for roughly the same reason. I would estimate that an experienced developer would take about a week in hobby time to make that work. An inexperienced developer would have to learn months worth of material. If it would be worth it to you to dedicate three hours a day for the next four months solid, then go for it. It really is an awful interface, though. Yikes. – wlangstroth May 19 '10 at 16:51

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