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Here's the deal - I want a way to figure out specifically which methods were touched or changed within the last milestone/iteration so that the methods' Javadoc is checked for correct content, especially for the public API methods.

Any ideas on how to do this, perhaps with an SVN hook?

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there is no single command to achieve this, but you can combine some svn commands to achive something similar:

  1. svn diff last tag with your trunk:HEAD revision with --summarize option
  2. svn annotate each file you revceived by step 1 and parse the output to find the changed codelines (their rev is greater than tag-rev.)
  3. mark associated functions or output them into a report file(just remember the last function signature if you parse the file line by line)

the class/methodname is trivial to get for usual java classes, however, if you use innerclasses, it will be more difficult, but then : do they have or need javadoc comments?

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An idea, at least: svn diff has the ability to pass arguments to the diff command. One such option is -p, also known as --show-c-function. This would probably figure in a solution of this problem for C code. So, the question becomes: is there a diff implementation that knows enough of the Java syntax to support a similar option? I've Googled, but not found anything yet.

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