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I need to print out an easy to read object graph from Visual Studio because I need to show a customer the state of an object at runtime.

Are there any debug visualizers for this? Expanding everything in a quick watch window isn't easy enough for the customer to comprehend.

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If you can get by with only one or two key properties. Then you could make use of the DebuggerDisplay attribute a top a class declaration to make formatted text display in the debugger quickwatch line or mouse hover over.


[DebuggerDisplay("Applicant - Name = {DisplayName}, EntityId = {EntityId}")]
public class Applicant
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If you are on Visual Studio 2010, take a look at "GCRoot via DGML" extension -

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I don't get it. – Ronnie Overby Jun 2 '10 at 14:28

Try going into the Intermidiate Window (Ctrl+Alt+I) and write "? variableName". Another way is the to use the LinqPad visualizer

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