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I would like to register a marker interface so I can add it to objects in the ZMI. My product's configure.zcml contains:

<interface interface=".interfaces.IMarkerInterface" />

and, after reinstalling, the interface shows up in the list of available interfaces. But if I try to add it to an object in the ZMI I get a ComponentLookupError. What's missing?

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Can you include the full traceback for the error? –  David Glick May 19 '10 at 19:47
I added a bogus <utility> that provides the interface in question, and it seems to work now, but I don't know why. –  joeforker May 19 '10 at 21:48

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It worked Ok for me.

I tested it in Plone 4.0.3

Created a package with paster:

paster create -t plone bogus.interface

With this interfaces.py file:

from zope.interface import Interface

class IBogusInterface(Interface):
    """ Marker bogus interface

And this configure.zcml file:


  <five:registerPackage package="." initialize=".initialize" />

  <!-- -*- extra stuff goes here -*- -->
  <interface interface=".interfaces.IBogusInterface" />


Are you sure you weren't missing anything?

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Also note that apparently, marker interfaces must be empty. They cannot contain attributes or methods - if they do, they won't show up in the ZMI.

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