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I use jquery validation plugin and the remote attribute works with emailId but not with mobileNo?

var validator = $("#addform").validate({
    rules: {
    Name: "required",
    MobileNo: {
             required: true,
           minlength: 10, remote: '<%=Url.Action("getClientMobNo", "Clients") %>'
                Address: "required"
   messages: {
       Name: "please provide a client name",
       MobileNo: {
          required: "Please provide a mobile phone no",
          rangelength: jQuery.format("Enter at least {0} characters"),
          remote: jQuery.format("This MobileNo is already in use")
        Address: "please provide client address"

A null value is passed to my controller action.. Any suggestion...

    public JsonResult getClientMobNo(string mobno)
        JsonResult result = new JsonResult();
        string status = clirep.getClientMobNo(Convert.ToInt64(mobno));
        if (status == "Mobile No already exists")
            result.Data = false;
            result.Data = true;
        return result;
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The variable names aren't matching up. JQuery is passing a parameter of MobileNo, but your function is looking for mobno. Change your function to accept the parameter MobileNo, and you'll get your value.

public JsonResult getClientMobNo(string MobileNo)
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