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how to control camera through Asp.net sessions and Asp.net application programming architecture

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Thinking about a camera attached to the server or to the client ? You can't control a camera on the client with plain ASP .NET. It is a server-side technology.

You need to write some code that runs on the client - a way to do this would be to control the Webcam with Silverlight 4. This might be a good fit for yoyr application.

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This depends on the camera.

Mostly likely you mean a user's web cam. This is just not possible without a plugin like flash, silverlight, or activex. Remember that asp.net still boils down to sending html and javascript to the browser. Your c#/vb server code never goes anywhere near the user's computer, and therefore never anywhere near their web cam. There's no connection to the camera from javascript, either. You have to use a browser plug in.

On the off chance you mean something like a traffic cam or public camera attached to the server that you allow users to control or view, you should look at this other question on how to use a camera from .Net:

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