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Is it possible to get a device to open a file on disk using the MIDlet.platformRequest(String url) method? I was hoping to use the following:


But this just throws a ConnectionNotFound exception. I'm specifically using the BlackBerry platform, but I do not have access to the proprietary BlackBerry API. File could be of any type, so obviously I'm not expecting it to handle every one.


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No, it is not possible to open arbitrary files using platform request. MIDP 2.0 requires devices to support platform request only for URL and tel: connections. All other schemes are optional and device dependent.

Nokia S60 phones seems to support file:// as pointed out in forum Nokia. But you need to verify for other platforms including Blackberry.

You can look at JSR211 Content Handler API as an alternative. I believe it is supported in newer Blackberry devices.

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