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I'm using rails3 edge and mongoid 2beta6 with ruby 1.9.2-head.

How can I manually change the table name, just like set_table_name for ActiveRecord? For example my model Signup should use the table "users" for storage, not "signups".

Another question is how to implement the bevahior of attr_accessible AR provides?

Thanks, Corin

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pretty simple :)

class Pictures
  self.collection_name = 'photos'
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Mongoid now also provides store_in, as in: store_in :photos which accepts an options hash. mongoid.org/docs/documents.html –  Dan Healy Oct 16 '11 at 9:34

With mongoid, as far as I know attr_accessible is ignored. Only attributes that you declare with field will be persisted, however if they are passed as an attribute, you can use attr_accessor to make sure those will not be persist (typically :password as an example).


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The link mentioned by Dan Healy was changed to http://mongoid.org/en/mongoid/docs/documents.html.

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