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Does anyone know any source of examples and templates for software requirements, build environment description and other kind of documentations that are common for software development?


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The ReadySet templates from tigris are quite comprehensive though you need to know html or have a good html editor to use them.

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The IEEE provides standards for software documentation. For instance, high level requirements are defined in IEEE 830-1993 Software Requirements Specification.

This is a standard I've learned in school (using a book called Software Engineering - an object oriented perspective by Eric J. Braude, but I would not specifically recommend it.) It's more suited to a traditional waterfall development model though.

Googling the standard number should get you a couple of interesting links.

(The IEEE 830-1993 standard is superseded by IEEE 830-1998.)

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The arc42 project is about a free Software Architecture Documentation template similar to the Software Architecture Document of the Rational Unified Process (commercial).

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By the way I often found myself modifiying these complex templates a lot and decided to define my own simple Software Documentation Template. I wrote a blog post about it: Software deserves documentation – FrVaBe Nov 14 '13 at 7:27

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