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Suppose I have a list or array of items, and I want to sum a subset of the items in the list. (in my case, it happens to always be a sequential subset).

Here's the old-fashioned way:

int sum = 0;
for(int i = startIndex; i <= stopIndex; i++)
  sum += myList[i].TheValue;
return sum;

What's the best way to linqify that code?

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myList.Skip(startIndex).Take(stopIndex - startIndex + 1).Sum(x => x.TheValue);

If I were doing this sort of thing a lot, I'd define a helper TakeRange that covered the Skip and Take so that I didn't off-by-one it.

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You missed a .Select(x=>x.TheValue) before the summing. –  spender May 19 '10 at 22:35
My bad. Fixed it. –  mquander May 19 '10 at 22:36
ah. Ok. More concise. Good! –  spender May 19 '10 at 22:36

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