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I am using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to stream live video to a video streaming server.

The webcam is in our office pointed out the window.

Thankfully, Flash Media Live Encoder has a checkbox to un-include audio.

I am wondering how I can push a recorded message to the audio ( or music ). Is there any way I can play a recording and have it behave like a microphone?

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You can feed audio through your soundcard and select your soundcard inside flash media live encoder.

The answer lies in your ability to control your audio drivers. I have had it stream whatever is coming out my speakers before.

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It seems the answer is no.

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Yes, you can. You can use and virtual audio streaming software, first link in Google:

This enables you to select music from your PC and "virtually play" it on your audio card. Then from FMLE, just use that input as Audio signal.

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