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Sometimes an issue can't be resolved until someone else does something, or until some event occurs. Is there an add-on for trac that adds a field for these situations?

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I use a needinfo keyword for such issues.

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Look at AdvancedTicketWrokflowPlugin on trac-hacks. You can use set_owner_to_previous and set_status_to_previous to implement a needinfo state in your ticket workflow. In fact, a needinfo action is the example given on that page.

Disclosure: I wrote the AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin and am a Trac developer.

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Have you seen the MasterTickets plugin? It adds a "blocked by" field, which is the equivalent of "waiting on". This is for dependencies between bugs, where Bug 101 can't be solved until Bug 102 is.

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Cool! But I don't think it want it to be dependent on other tickets. I'm thinking more about "waiting for email reply from XXX" – mpen May 20 '10 at 0:23

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