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I have an existing project that I imported into subversion using TortoiseSVN. Total project size says 1.45MB. Total folder size on my machine is 9.72MB.

Create new folder, right-click, checkout 7.14MB transferred and 19.4MB on my machine.

Can anyone explain this to me? I did a quick KDiff on the folders and they're identical.

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SVN duplicates each file to have a copy of the base version.

The 19.4 MB in your checked out copy is roughly 2 times 9.72 MB of the original project - i.e. duplicate files.

The 7.14MB you checked out is compressed from the repository - that is, 9.72 MB compressed to save bandwidth.

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maybe it is worth to mention that svn does this so that it can perform some operations (diff, revert...) offline... – Stefan Egli May 20 '10 at 7:41
so the extra that KDiff probably doesn't pick up by default is all the hidden files in .svn subfolders throughout the project? I always see them, just never take the time to look at their size. thanks! – David May 20 '10 at 10:59

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