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I read this article:

several times and believe I understand what it is saying. However, it is 4 years old and I have a JPA compliant Java application to contend with. In addition, I see that there is a JPATemplate in Spring that has some good functionality, but the Spring documentation says it is already deprecated!

Can anybody point me to a solid, modern, JPA compliant, Spring based, working example of a GenericDAOImpl that proxies an Interface to provide generic finder execution?

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Nowadays JPA 2 in itself has become a decent implementation of a DAO layer since its responsibility (or contract if you wish) is the same as for the traditional "crafted" DAO, that is an isolation of a business logic from a storage mechanism. An important implication out of this is that you may need an explicit DAO only when working with non-DBMS storages like spreadsheet files, web-services, etc.

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I've created a generic DAO mixing different approaches that I shared on SO in this question. I use these 2 approaches: DDD: The Generic Repository and JPA implementation patterns: Data Access Objects.

Please feel free to comment/edit if you think it can be improved.

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Its a start -- thanks for the help. For me, an important aspect of it is the ability for a single DAO implementation to execute any named query via a set of DAO interfaces. The IBM article uses AOP, but I am working on an approach that uses a proxy object to implement the defined interfaces without AOP. – HDave May 21 '10 at 7:23

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