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I am working on C#.Net with ADO.NET Dataservice WCF Data Services.

I try to update one record to relational table, when I reach context.SetLink() I am getting exception("The context is not currently tracking the entity"). I don't know how to solve this problem. My code is specified below.

LogNote dbLogNote =logNote;
LogSubSession dbLogSubSession = (from p in context.LogSubSession
                                 where p.UID == logNote.SubSessionId
                                 select p).First<LogSubSession>()
                                 as LogSubSession;
dbLogNote.LogSubSession = dbLogSubSession;
context.SetLink(dbLogNote, "LogSubSession", dbLogSubSession);

Here LogSubSession is a primary table and LogNote is a foreign table. I am updating data into foreign table based on primary key table.


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ADO.NET Data Services were renamed WCF Data Services several months ago. Also: more information please! Is this Linq-to-SQL as the database layer, or Linq-to-Entities? –  marc_s May 20 '10 at 4:55

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Try using AttachLink() to let the entity know to start tracking the link.

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