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I have a form, that includes a drop down list, and a submit button.

The drop down list has 5 values.

Let's say the user chooses value #3, then clicks submit. How would I prevent the drop down list from setting itself back to value #1?


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After your Submit your side should know what was submitted. You can tell your DropDownList what was seleced befor by setting the seleced Value as selected.


<select name='myselect'>
<option value='1' <?php if($myselect == '1') { echo 'selected'; } ?>>#1</option>
<option value='2' <?php if($myselect == '2') { echo 'selected'; } ?>>#2</option>
<option value='3' <?php if($myselect == '3') { echo 'selected'; } ?>>#3</option>
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use your serverside script to set selected="selected" for the selected <option>.

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use you script to set selected for the last selected option... i don't understand whats the problem. – oezi May 20 '10 at 8:36

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