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so for two-way (bi-directional) databinding in ASP, we do this...

<asp:textbox id="txtField" runat="server" 
    text='<%# Bind("SomeField") %>'>

SomeField is located on the DataSource of the DetailsView that serves as the container for the textbox.

Alternatively I could do this from code-behind (using the textbox's OnDataBinding event):

protected void SomeField_OnDataBinding(object sender, EventArgs e)
  ((TextBox)sender).Text = Eval("SomeField").ToString();

However, EVAL is can I specify Bind (two-way) from code-behind?

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Did you check out this page on MSDN, Walkthrough: Editing and Inserting Data in Web Pages with the DetailsView Web Server Control ?

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The Eval (one-way) method works. I want Bind (two-way) to work. Also I am not using a repeater, but a detailsview. – Konrad May 20 '10 at 7:07
I think I'm probably misunderstanding your problem. There's really no such thing as two-way binding. You can set the value of the control in either the .aspx page or in the code-behind. To get the value back (i.e. the user input), you have to access the Text property of the control. What is "SomeField". A property on the code-behind class? – Jakob Gade May 20 '10 at 7:15
Somefield if a table column located on the DataSource of the DetailsView that serves as the container for the textbox. I am interested in having the textbox push data into database. Thats why I need to use Bind. It's simple really. Except it does not seem to be easily made available from codebehind. Using <%# Bind( yes, but not as easy in code... – Konrad May 20 '10 at 7:31
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I've managed to find a work-around for my "edge-case".

I am using LLBLGen subtypes and therefore need to switch the datasource of the detailsview based on a radiobutton filter selected by the user.

I tried to bind to the sub type field "declaratively" in ASP using <%# Bind(... This did not work.

I had to resolve to a code-behind "hack" where I conditionally display the controls in the detailsview using details_view pre-render method.

For each field I then conditionally setup it's one-way (read-only) bind in OnDataBinding...

e.g. ((TextBox)sender).Text = Eval("FilePrefix").ToString();

Finaly to get the data to push into the datasource, I hack the DetailsView OnItemInserting/Updating events (conditionally as well)...

e.Values["FilePrefix"] = txtFilePrefix.Text;

I feel so dirty after this hack I think I need a shower...

I still hope someone can provide a cleaner approach :-)

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+1 for "dirty hack", now i feel like a hacker :) – Răzvan Panda Aug 16 '11 at 12:06

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