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I'm looking for a quick start or template, or something, to get a web site's basic layout done quickly and looking fairly professional, and then let me do the coding. I don't want a CMS, as this is for a highly customised reporting application, but I need something like frame header and two columns and frame footer. I can design the pretty reports for the wide right hand column myself, as the left hand column menu.

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Something like YUI Grids CSS?

or Blueprint CSS?

Or CSS boilerplate?

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you could use the BluePrint CSS framework or check out the CSS Templates

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You don't mention what language you're using, but if it's Java, Appfuse is a really great tool for creating an entire (skeleton) web application project from a configurable template. This skeleton includes an initial HTML/CSS/Javascript UI that includes common elements such as a login page, an "add user" page, etc.

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Depending on your IDE, Eric Meyer wrote a program called CSS Sculptor that you can use to quickly develop standards-based layouts. I've used it, and it's great.

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It looks like you need to have Dreamweaver installed to use this is that right? – Dónal Nov 13 '08 at 15:39
It's also available for Expression Web. – ProfK Nov 21 '08 at 13:49

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