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I have three xsl documents in the same folder:

  • ooo2xslf0-writer.xsl which contains
  • images.xsl which calls a template called apply-border in
  • borders.xsl

Now, ooo2xslf0-writer.xsl contains:

<xsl:include href="images.xsl" /> <xsl:include href="borders.xsl" />

And so I assume that apply-border is available for images.xsl when it needs it, but Eclipse disagrees. So, I added:

<xsl:include href="borders.xsl" />

to images.xsl, and all compiled fine, but at run-time I'm getting an error that apply-borders is present twice.

This is someone else's project, and it builds in most environments just fine. I assume this is just an Eclipse dependancy set-up issue but I'm not sure how to resolve it. The referenced folder is included in the build.

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xsl files would not be checked at compile time, so what is the error which you get when NOT including borders.xsl in images.xsl ? –  Gala101 May 20 '10 at 8:37

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Which plug-in are you using and is it the most recent version? It could simply be a bug.

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