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Can any body have idea how to consume php soap web service that have no support wsdl.

I want to add reference in .Net to generate client but failed.

When i saw in browser with ?wsdl it shows message wsdl is not supported.

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Simply said: you can not. WDSL is there for development environments to know how to deal with a web service. Whoever wrote the web serivce made sure (or was ignorant enough to now know) that it is not usable from any tooling support.

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You might want to consult the PHP: SOAP Manual and verify that you wrote the PHP webservice correctly.

And you can also look at this example: PHP Webservice and C# / .NET SOAP Clients

You need to configure the SOAP Service to support WSDL

(Web Services Description Language) An XML-based language for describing Web services and how to access them.

Otherwise .NET won't know what or how to use it.

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