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I have successfully set up an autotools project where the tests compiles with instrumentation so I can get a test coverage report.

I can get the report by running lcov in the source dir after a successful 'make check'.

I now face the problem that I want to automate this step. I would like to add this to 'make check' or to make it a separate goal 'make check-coverage'. Ideally I would like to parse the result and fail if the coverage falls below a certain percentage. Problem is that I cannot figure out how to add a custom target at all.

The closest I got was finding this example autotools config, but I can't see where in that project the goal 'make lcov' is added. I can only see some configure flags in m4/auxdevel.m4.

Any tips?

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You can apparently just add extra steps to targets in your, this is what I ended up with (inspired by #

    @rm -fr coverage
    @find . -name "*.gcda" -exec rm {} \;
    @lcov --directory . --zerocounters

    @mkdir -p coverage
    @lcov --compat-libtool --directory . --capture --output-file coverage/  
    @genhtml -o coverage/ coverage/ 

    @make cov-report

    @make cov-reset 

    @make cov


The '@make cov' under check will add the 'cov' target to the default 'make check' target.

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