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I'm trying to get certified for 70-511, but I'm low on resources, since there is no offical Microsoft press materials released, and there is a huge leap between the .NET 4 and the .NET 3.5 version of the exam. The .Net 4.0 version heavily discusses WPF technology.

Any ideas?

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MCTS 70-511 is a combination of both WPF and WinForms. There existed two different tests for .NET Framework 3.5. There exists books for both (MCTS-70-505 MCTS-70-502) in Microsoft Press. There are also some free questions at www.testmaster.ch, the questions are in German: http://www.testmaster.ch/MCTS-70-511.test

Hope this helps

Some few question available in English too: http://www.testmaster.ch/MCTS-70-511-EN.test

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Microsoft is planning to release updated materials for this exam, so if you wait for awhile they will be available.

That said, you can get a pretty good idea of what's on the exam by examining which certifications can be upgraded to it, as well as the detailed test description.

I've personally found experience to be the best preparation for MS cert exams, so I recommend building a few WPF applications if you haven't already done so. Consider OSS or assisting a local non-profit: you help the community and gain skills that help you.

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i think the better point of start is review of preparation materials what you can view page of microsoft:


In this moment can download one test pdf with questions and correct answers, not are real questions for Microsoft certification but is good point of start.


hope you find it useful! jmdeveloper

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