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My variable looks like:

name = "Lola                                 "; // notice the whitespace

How can I delete the whitespace at the end to leave me with just "Lola"?

Thank you all, but .Trim() don't work to me.

I read the text from a file, if that is any help.

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Why is Trim() not working? – Carlos Muñoz Aug 11 '10 at 14:51
If Trim() works for everyone but you, the problem isn't with Trim(). – Task Aug 11 '10 at 14:55
you can't just say name.trim(), you have to assign it to a variable. so name = name.trim() will work. – user406871 Sep 6 '11 at 19:24

10 Answers 10

use Trim().

 string name = "Lola       "
 Console.WriteLine(name.Trim()); // puts out 'Lola'
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If the space will always be at the end of the string, use:

name = name.TrimEnd();

If the space may also be at the beginning, then use:

name = name.Trim();
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Trim doesn't change the string, it creates a new trimmed copy. That is why it seems like name.Trim(); isn't doing anything -- you are throwing away the results.

Instead, use name = name.Trim(); as ICR suggests.

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The answer is .Trim(). Note that since strings are immutable, you have to assign the result of the operation:

name = "Lola                                 ";
name.Trim();  // Wrong: name will be unchanged
name = name.Trim();  // Correct: name will be trimmed
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Check out string.Trim()

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Use the Trim() method.

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Just use


to remove all spaces from your string;


to remove spaces from the end of your string


to remove spaces from the start of your string

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use Trim(). So u can get only "Lola"

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Or is this what you meant to do?

string name = "Lola ...long space...";
Console.WriteLine(name.Substring(0, name.IndexOf(" ") - 1)); // puts out 'Lola'
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If you wanted to remove all spaces anywhere in the string, you could use Replace()

string name = "   Lola Marceli    ";
Console.WriteLine(name.Replace(" ", "")); // puts out 'LolaMarceli'
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