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In handling a form post I have something like

    public ActionResult Insert()
        Order order = new Order();
        BindingHelperExtensions.UpdateFrom(order, this.Request.Form);


        return this.RedirectToAction("Details", new { id = order.ID });

I am not using explicit parameters in the method as I anticipate having to adapt to variable number of fields etc. and a method with 20+ parameters is not appealing.

I suppose my only option here is mock up the whole HttpRequest, equivalent to what Rob Conery has done. Is this a best practice? Hard to tell with a framework which is so new.

I've also seen solutions involving using an ActionFilter so that you can transform the above method signature to something like

public Insert(Contact contact)
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I'm now using ModelBinder so that my action method can look (basically) like:

    public ActionResult Insert(Contact contact)

        if (this.ViewData.ModelState.IsValid)

            return this.RedirectToAction("Details", new { id = contact.ID });
            return this.RedirectToAction("Create");
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Wrap it in an interface and mock it.

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Use NameValueDeserializer from http://www.codeplex.com/MVCContrib instead of UpdateFrom.

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