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Modern browsers have multi-tab interface, but JavaScript function window.showModalDialog() creates a modal dialog that blocks all of the tabs.

I'd like to know if there is a way to create a modal dialog that blocks only the tab it's been created in?

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You could use one of the more 'Ajax-like' modal dialogs, which are just absolute positioned divs, floating on top of everything else.

Those are modal to the 'document' and not the browser.

For instance take a look it this jQuery plugin

P.S. showModalDialog() is an IE only call, so you might want to not use that altogether.

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How come it works in FF? – z-boss Nov 13 '08 at 15:39
Mmm, funny, all sites report that it isn't supported. Do you have a life example? – Michiel Overeem Nov 13 '08 at 15:56
actually Firefox (3 at least) does implement the showModalDialog() method. Not sure since when... but agreed the abs. pos. div is a better choice. – scunliffe Nov 13 '08 at 16:27
@Michiel: try this in FF3 <html> <head> </head> <body> <div> <a href="javascript:d();">Show</a> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> function d() { var f = "dialogLeft:100;dialogTop:100;dialogWidth:500;dialogHeight:400;"; showModalDialog("google.com",window,f); } </script> </body> & – z-boss Nov 13 '08 at 16:55
@sneg: ohhh, didn't know that FF3 added support for that... – Michiel Overeem Nov 14 '08 at 7:23

Nope. It's conceivable IE8's ‘loose coupling’ might behave like this at some point, but it doesn't in the current betas.

I second Michiel's recommendation. A pseudo-modal-dialogue working by obscuring the rest of the page, floating a div on top, and calling the script back when it's finished, is both:

  • much more usable/less annoying than a real modal dialog
  • compatible with any browser

showModalDialog/showModelessDialog themselves are generally to be avoided.

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Firefox 3 supports window.showModalDialog (but it also blocks all tabs).

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