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I would like to use UltraEdit regular expression (perl) to replace the following text with some other text in a bunch of html files:

<style type="text/css">



//many other css styles follow


I tried to use <style type="text/css">.*</style> but of course it wouldn't match anything because the dot matches any character except line feed. I would like to match line feed as well and the line feed maybe either \r\n or \n.

How should the regular expression look like?

Many thanks to you all.

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In UltraEdit, you need to prepend (?s) to your regex to make the dot match newline.

I. e., search for

(?s)<style type="text/css">.*?</style>

I've also made the quantifier lazy (.*?) because otherwise you would match everything from the first <style> to the last </style> in your entire file.

Also be advised that this is a flaky solution because regular expressions can't parse HTML reliably if at all. In UltraEdit, that's all you have - a scripting language and a parser would be better, but if it works in your case, then great. Just make sure you don't match more (or less) than you wanted (think //comment containing a </style> tag).

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can someone tell why (?s) works? –  redDevil Mar 24 at 13:44
@redDevil: The first sentence of my answer explains it: This modifier allows the dot to match newline characters (which it doesn't by default). See also Amarghosh's answer and the tutorial linked therein. –  Tim Pietzcker Mar 24 at 13:54

Normally dot . matches all characters other than new line. Use the s modifier in the regex to force dot to match all characters including new line.

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