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I'm writing a asp.net web application in which I want the users to be able to apply simple formatting to the text they enter in text areas.

One of the possibilities is to use a javascript wisywig editor (like tinymce). However, to keep the text html-clean and readible, I'd prefer that the users have to do the formatting themselves in exactly the same way as it is done in wiki's.

I can't find a free or not too expensive control on the web. Has anyone used a third party control before? any advise on this?

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You can use a markdown editor like this:


Then you want to be able display the result in HTML with this:


Essentially this is what StackOverflow does (with their customization). They discuss how they do it in their podcast.

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This is indeed very usefull for my problem. Thanks a lot! –  Steven Habex Nov 13 '08 at 16:31

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