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I am using below code to resize image in blackberry but it resulting into poor quality of image. Please advise on the same.

      JPEGEncodedImage encoder = null;
      encode_image = sizeImage(encode_image, (int)newWidth,(int)newHeight);

     public EncodedImage sizeImage(EncodedImage image, int width, 
          int height) {
          EncodedImage result = null;

          int currentWidthFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(image.getWidth());
          int currentHeightFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(image.getHeight());

          int requiredWidthFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(width);
          int requiredHeightFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(height);

          int scaleXFixed32 = Fixed32.div(currentWidthFixed32,
          int scaleYFixed32 = Fixed32.div(currentHeightFixed32,

          result = image.scaleImage32(scaleXFixed32, scaleYFixed32);
                    return result;
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The default image scaling done by BlackBerry is quite primitive and generally doesn't look very good. If you are building for 5.0 there is a new API to do much better image scaling using filters such as bilinear or Lanczos.

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You've probably already fixed your issue, but for other coders that need to write code that's compatible with the older API's you can also use the code from this post: Android: Strange out of memory issue

The thread is about android, but the image scaling math and logics are the same :)

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