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I'm building multi tenant application with shared table structure using Microsoft SQL Server.

I wonder if it possible to pass tenantID parameter via sql server connection. I don't want to create separate user account for each tenant.

Currently I see two ways: via ApplicationName or WorkstationID

Best regards, Alexey Zakharov

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I would use the Application Name of the connect string, which is then easy to get at in TSQL with APP_NAME (Transact-SQL).

However, you could also consider using CONTEXT_INFO (Transact-SQL).

--to set value
DECLARE @CONTEXT_INFO  varbinary(128)
SET @CONTEXT_INFO =cast('Anything Here!!'+REPLICATE(' ',128) as varbinary(128))

--to use value
IF CAST(CONTEXT_INFO() AS VARCHAR(128))='Anything Here!'
    --do something
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