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Is there a website that I can upload a YAML file and check for validity? I want to be sure the data coming in will parse correctly. Is trial and error the best method?

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If you're using ruby, try Kwalify

here's a tutorial on YAML validation:

Kwalify YAML validation

Hope it Helps!

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Kwalify seems to require to write a schema. Is it possible to use it for general validation (without specifying the keys, etc.)? – ℝaphink Sep 25 '13 at 8:02

Use the online yaml parser

It can show you the output in json or a python string serialization.

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There are two basic checks you can perform: 1) a check for well-formed YAML syntax; and 2) a check for structural validity against a pre-defined data schema. The answer depends on which of these you mean in your original question.


1) Can be accomplished using the normal load or parse method supplied by your language's YAML implementation. If you are not sure the syntax check will succeed, consider wrapping YAML.load() in your language's equivalent of a try/catch block.

Structurally valid:

2) Can be accomplished with a module such as Kwalify (mentioned previously). You may also search for "validation" to see if any other similar modules have come out.

If you do not have access to a module like this, you can still do validity checking by testing the loaded variable (or data structure) using the variable-type-checking features of your programming language.

In Javascript (for example) this can be done by checking the loaded variable using the typeof() function. If your variable is complex, you may have to recursively test all branches of the complex variable using loops and branches in your code.

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Update going with js-yaml over my original answer of pyyaml

You use js-yaml. It has an online checker. If you have nodejs installed you can install the command line tool.

$ npm install -g js-yaml

Example use when yaml is invalid:

$ js-yaml -t ~/Downloads/myfile.yaml
JS-YAML: bad indentation of a mapping entry at line 2, column 9:
     version: wp

Original Answer:

You install libyaml. Then pip install pyyaml python -c "import yaml; yaml.load( open('myfile.yaml', 'r'), Loader=yaml.CLoader )"

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I am not sure, if this works correctly. I tried editing cassandra.yaml file and the above command dint give any error. But java`s snakeyaml was throwing error(s). – Rahul Apr 25 '14 at 3:06
Thanks @Rahul, that sounds like an interesting option. Found another one as well and updated answer. – yuvilio Apr 25 '14 at 14:41
simple, easy, doesn't require an online tool; this is the best answer on the page for me – jcollum Jul 14 at 14:50
I like this because it works with Atom editor via This gives real-time linting feedback. – Mike D Oct 18 at 15:28

Another one that's not listed here is YamlLint

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Check InstantYAML. You can see the canonical YAML for your document.

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dead link; that's why we prefer not to have short answers that are links on this site – jcollum Jul 14 at 14:48

Try Data lint:

Should there be any errors, it could tell you the line number and column number.

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not a mature solution. I will spend some time to improve it – Tyler Long Jul 13 '12 at 6:58

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