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I am using ankhsvn with VS2008. I am using a free repo hosting on the web. I am not using a svn client for this repo, but managing everything with ankhsvn (including adding solution file and project files to the new repo).

I want to add the svn:needs-lock preperty to these files. I wonder if I can do this task using ankhsvn, or if I need to get another svn client for this purpose.

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in Visual Studio.. In Tools - Options - Source Control, you can change the plug-in value to AnkhSVN. After you do that, "subversion environment" appears in the tree under source control. Select that, then you can check "automatically lock files on change without user confirmation". I think this will accomplish what you want.

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It look like you can add Subversion properties through Ankhsvn, see the documentation.

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Yes, thank you. But, I am unable to do this in bulk, doing it file by file is tedious. –  Grungean May 20 '10 at 14:45
@grungean: Sometimes, using a GUI isn't the right answer. Why not do this using the Subversion command line client? –  Greg Hewgill May 21 '10 at 9:58

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