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I'm currently setting up a CruiseControl.Net CI service to keep on top of a bunch of .NET WinForm, WPF and ASP.NET applications maintained by a handful of programmers. I've got basic SVN integration and NUnit running, and I like the thought of running some sort of code quality/duplication of effort checking too.

So my question is what CI tasks do people run that I shouldn't really live without?

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Two suggestions that come free, are not too difficult to integrate and offer the most bang the bucks:

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In addition to what Igor Brejc mentioned, I would add similarity analysis. Simian is the tool you'd be able to use with CruiseControl. As an aside, this capability is built-in to TeamCity. Visual Studio 2012 Premium also has this capability (you'll find it under Analyze->Analyze Solution for Code Clones).

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