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Well, I'm placing a link inside of a div called "alerta" with jQuery function ".html".

Ok, then I tried to place the "rel='shadowbox'" parameter inside of my "a" tag and it doesn't works.

$('#alerta').html('<a href="selecao.php?id=' + 
                    avisos[i+1] + '" rel="shadowbox">' + avisos[i] + '</a>');

If the link is placed directly on the page, it works fine...


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Shadowbox initialises the elements that have a rel of shadowbox on page load. If you use jquery to add a link then the link won't have an event handler attached to it.

Try adding a class to the link, such as sbox. Then put this in your script tags instead of Shadowbox.init();

window.onload = function() {

     skipSetup:true, // skip the automatic setup    


       //Stops loading link

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I suppose you need to call the


or somethink similar to make shadowbox aware of the newly added links.

UPDATE see the answer form Lance May. Mine is obsolete.

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Solve the problem. You have to initialize just when all the "shadowbox links" are placed. – Gilbert May 20 '10 at 17:32

Have a look at the following SO post. It may help.

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I Solved the problem. You have to initialize


just when all the "shadowbox links" are placed.

Thank you for the support.

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