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I need to send a 3D .fig file to someone without access to MATLAB. I've already compiled an executable that will open a MATLAB figure, but it requires the MCR library to be installed, and the user does not have admin rights on their computer. Is there a simple program out there that can open a .fig file and allow the user to rotate/zoom/etc. without the MATLAB environment?

The alternative solution I've thought of would be to use an animated GIF to transition between a few views, but I'd rather allow the user to select their own views with an interactive plot.

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This is not possible without a compiled application or MATLAB as of 5/20/2010

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Thanks for the answer, even though it wasn't the one I wanted to hear. :) I guess it's time to figure out how to make those GIFs. –  Doresoom May 20 '10 at 17:06

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