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I need to find out exactly what files/directories a Lua program uses so I can try to only pack what it needs into a ZIP file, and come up with a simple way to deploy this script.

I used SysInternals' Process Monitor, but I'm surprised by the small amount of information it returned while it watched the program (For Lua users out there, it's wsapi.exe, which is the launcher for the light-weight Xavante web server).

Does someone know of a good Windows application that can completely monitor what a program does, eg. something like a live version of the venerable PCMag's InCtrl5.

Thank you.

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Process monitor will catch everything. If it's not catching the action then it must be happening in a different process. Try filtering based on the files you expect to be used rather than the process you expect it to happen in.

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Thanks for the tip. After modifying the filter, I did see some entries related to the Lua program I needed to watch. –  Gulbahar May 24 '10 at 13:36

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